Pathway to Healing
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Yerlin Ramirez
I am passionate seeker of truth, connecting the scientific and spiritual worlds to help people manifest energy into matter in a way that they can create and live a beautiful and abundant life full of purpose and contribution.

I walk my talk.

Everything I teach is all that I've done myself.
I've gone from the darkness of the most challenging situations to a life that I didn't even believe existed. A life that I could only see in my dreams.

My mission and purpose is to help you find yours with whatever is in true alignment with God, Source, and your path on this planet for a lifetime of greatness in every area of your life. 
Let's create magic.
...Your Life & Business Meta Coach
What You'll Learn In This Free Training...
Secret #1: How To Use Energy and Frequency to your Advantage
Learn how to rid negative energy and stay within positive frequencies to be able to heal, manifest, and grow
Secret #2: How Reprogram your Mind & Channel your Thoughts
Understand how to thoughts affect your life and how to use them for creating abundance
Secret #3: How To Harness the Power of Your Imagination
Learn simple principles to manifesting your desires faster
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