The BRIDGE between Body, Mind, Science and Energy


The BRIDGE between Body, Mind, Science and Energy

Embark on...
The Most Powerful Journey
for the most Powerful YOU
Coaching at a higher level for success and transformation
I will guide you to:
  • Discover the pure science behind energy and learn how to target the neuronal matrix of the human being
  • Re-code and transform your life so that you can unleash your full potential.
  • Re-code programs in your mind and dramatically shift your emotions, feelings and behaviour.
  • ​You will master skills that allow you to create change and transformation in record time .
Where will this system take you? 
Experience simultaneous quantum leaps in your own development as you learn cutting-edge tools to create outstanding results for you and and your business. 

The Quantum Integration Method gives you the power to transform any and every aspect of your life; to fulfill your wildest dreams and exceed your expectations. With this knowledge, you will take the joyous and enriching path of excellence.

I have trained with the best neuroscientists in the field: Dr Dispenza, Dr Greg Braden, Dr Lipton, Dr Alawash to name a few. Your certification will include mastering Neuroscience. 
I will help you to understand the science behind energy, so you can transmute all that no longer serves you and use energy to create and manifest the things you want in life.
I give 10000% so you can learn:
✨ The Real science behind energy, epigenetics and how to reprogram your cells.
🔮  How to visualize and create a wonderful new future for yourself, in all the ways you dream of.
⌛  Collapse timelines: bend time and space.
💰 Call in the vibration of money.
🧠 How to unleash the full potential of neurons, re-code your brain and transform your mindset.
🍍  How to activate the pineal gland to access altered states of awareness.
🧘  Meditation techniques that will help you reach the states you crave everyday.
💦 The importance of water in the creation of new realities.
🥦 High vibrational foods.
📓  Manifest and call what you want in to your reality.
 🗣  Express your voice and discover its role towards making your dreams a reality.
👁  How to activate higher states of consciousness.
🥥 How to detoxify your body and daily life.
🔥   How to activate your core with the presence and authority of your being, so that each step and word you say carries authority.
🔋   How to create more energy in your life and understand that energy is the currency of high performance.
📈  The importance of balancing the relationship between your purpose in life, your high performance in work and everything else you do.
🔐  The key to access super flow, flow and genius states.
❤    How to fall in love with your being and live in a state of high self-esteem.
💪  Create states of internal power where nothing around affects your state.
🎯  Techniques of high productive focus.
 ⚙   Wonderful tools to reconfigure the body and mind to the full potential we have as humans.
❤   How to work with the brain, mind, body, emotions, spirit and energy in a holistic way.

Give yourself the chance to experience a journey that will ensure your life will never be the same again.

What makes Quantum Integration Training unique?
Take what you need for your life 
You are here and that means that you are committed to delving deeper into your life. Being here, means that you are willing to do the work and learn the secrets of the universe which speaks in energy, vibration and frequency.
You will be certified and recognized in a method that has the support and knowledge of international known coaches and leaders 
Yerlin has invested almost $1,000,000 in education in learning from the best teachers, trainers, healers, shamans, gurus and coaches to show you the best tools available.
She has taken the very best of what she has learned and created a revolutionary method. Quantum Integration will teach you all the tools you need, in a very structured way, so can absorb all the knowledge and wisdom required to re-create your life and your business.
Just last year, Yerlin Trained more than 4000 people in 26 countries and 40 cities. She has taken hundreds of people into higher purpose and performance.
Academic rigor and practical application 
Come and discover for yourself. The Quantum Integration Method is the highest evolutionary state of several disciplines, it has academic and intellectual integrity as well as practical applications.
This method offers a cutting-edge model for translating great ideas and meanings into muscle memory for achieving peak performances.

The Quantum Integration is a Method that is fast and easy to apply
I myself, went on a long journey, exploring many systems that felt confusing and frustrating, full of theory and little results. This Method was created to deliver quick results. I have created an easy to follow method that includes everything that has worked in my own life, so that you never feel that way.

Ongoing support and development
A ‘buddy’ system, group mentoring, benchmarking tools for self-assessment and access to expert guidance throughout and beyond the certification to ensure you are supported to excel. You’ll join an international community of highly successful, highly creative people. You’ll have access to ongoing releases of the latest research and development.
This is your moment!
I know you are tired of information that doesn't really work and all you want is to be able to free yourself from limiting beliefs.

Achieve impact results and start making sustainable changes that transform your future.
Discover your true purpose of life and take actions that bring you closer to achieving it.

Certified by Internationally Recognized Leaders
Dr. Joe Dispenza - Neuroscientist
John Maxwell - International Motivator
Grant & Elena Cardone - Miltimillionaire Entrepreneur
Ed De Costa - Motivator
Tony Robbins - Entrepreneur, Motivator, Coach
Dr. Kalsang Kandro - Dalai Lama, 
King and Queen's Personal Doctor
Dr. Richard Bandler - Creator of Neuro-Linguistics
Regan Hillyer - Multimillionaire Coach
Dr. Michael Hall - NeuroSemantics Creator
Papa Jamie - Nobel Price
Juan Pablo Harahona - Energy Expert, Quantum Flow
Robert Edward Grant: Mathematician, mystic, high-level multi-millionaire entrepreneur- cryptographer, writing, 
genius of mankind
Alan Green: Genius of humanity, cryptographer, mathematician, specialist in Shakespeare's occult codes
Gerard Adams: High-level entrepreneur, creator of multi-million dollar companies
Laura Hof: daughter of Wim Hof
And multiple coach of the Wim Hof ​​programs
Start your journey to your dream YOU, to a lasting life of success by  signing up now!

Valued at $2,500

Now at $497 ONLY!


What Clients Say

Anabella Sapon

I‘d always questioned why was necessary for me to be alive. I’d question “why me” all the time and would constantly beat up my self every time something went wrong. I would spent high quantities of money for a 45 minute session with psychologists who’d only suggested what they thought was right; but, what about what their patient felt was right?
Eventually I stopped seeing psychologists and came across Yerlin. Not only did I learned the importance of self love through her help, but also how the human brain works and how it’s been programmed by our environment, nutrition, friends, and thoughts our whole life. Yerlin never told me what to do and what was right. Instead, she’d askme questions every time. I learned that deep within me, I had the answers and the power to create my own reality. This changed my whole point of view in life. Her way of helping me was educating me and teaching me how our vehicle of life (the human body) has to be taken cared of physically, mentally and emotionally.
Her passion towards helping people is strong. Just as she impacted my life, I am sure she as impacted thousands across the world. Today, I no longer think “why me?” Instead, I am grateful everyday it’s happening to me. I don’t victimize my self anymore because life is NOT happening to me, it is RESPONDING to me.

Michael Pellegrino

Yerlin Ramirez is inspiring, knowledgeable, energetic, loving, caring, compassionate, and devoted to her students and children. When you think energy, you see Yerlin. After connecting a couple years ago because we share the same mentors, it was an absolutely honour to be enrolled in her Meta-Coach training in person. Yerlin is a powerhouse woman - a Divine Creator - who's not afraid to take you deep into the layers of your subconscious mind while holding the space for you with grace and dignity. She practices what she preaches and delivers the training material with passion and conviction.
I not only enthusiastically welcome the opportunity to train under her leadership again but more sacredly, I have deep reverence and gratitude for Yerlin - my friend, my mentor, and soul sister. Lots of love and light ☮️❤️💡🕉

Mary Galvez Barreto Siddall

There are not words to describe the level of coaching that Yerlin does. I hired her for 5 sessions and the benefits were there from day one. I also had the pleasure to attend one of her two day seminars and it was mind blowing. We did not want her to stop teaching us. Her sessions and her trainings are from the heart. Her passion is contagious and her commitment to serve is amazing. If I could give her more than 5 stars, I would.