The Diamond Abundance Course
“Your life will change when you integrate everything 
at a quantum level”
Imagine a life surrounded by all the things you’ve ever dreamed of.
What if I told you, you are truly capable of manifesting absolutely anything you desire?
Well, through my own challenges and experiences I am here to show you that it IS possible to THINK anything you want into existence.
INVITE anything you want into your life using your energy.
Reprogram your mind and remove the self limiting blocks and obstacles that hold you back.
Get clear on what your truly want and attract that into your life.
Master invaluable life skills that help you to manifest your dreams.
Learn powerful methods to transform your mindset and the way you perceive this world.
Receive all that you deserve and open the doors to a life full of joy, happiness and fulfillment. 

You came here with the intention of creating a super badass life.
An old belief system and fearful mindset will have hesitating.
You may be thinking:
                  “I don’t know where to start” - Don’t worry, I’ll break everything down for you.
                    “Manifesting has never worked for me in the past” - I will show you the successful method I’ve mastered, that elevates energy and calls in the vibration of abundance.
                    “This seems too good to be true” - Trust me, it’s not!
The moment to start learning is NOW
There are seven days in a week and “someday” is not one of them. This is your call to action.

I will give you the tools that will make your dreams a reality.

Yerlin Ramirez

I am a truth Seeker.
Everything I teach is everything I have done myself.
I've moved through the darkness of incredibly challenging situations and chosen to transform these experiences into lessons that have led to a life I didn't believe existed. A life that I could only see in my dreams.
That is what I want for you.
Let's create magic.

In This Coaching Program, you will learn how to...
  • • Access your subconscious mind and re-code your brain with programs that serve you
  • • Delete programs and codes in your mind that are no longer good for you
  • • Program and change your genes with Neuroplasticity and Epigenetics
  • • Control your genes and your health. Your DNA defines you!
  • • Use your power to do mental imagery and rehearsal to transform emotion in the body
  • • Learn to meditate in a way that works best for you
  • • Understand brain waves and how they create different states of vibration
  • • Use the science behind creation and manifestation to receive all you want in life
  • • Collapse timelines and create a new reality filled with abundance
  • • Call in the vibration of money to your life
  • Up level your environment so the energy of abundance flows freely through you
This coaching program will take you from looking out at the world, wishing your life was like someone else’s, to connecting with your soul and creating a magical life of your own.
I share information that works in a powerful way to reset your energy, your quantum field, mindset, body, emotional and light bodies to build your energy field and manifest with ease, 
flow and grace.
What’s behind this program that you can trust?
I have invested more than $500,000 in education, learning from the best masters, gurus, shamans, Doctors, Neuroscientists, Lamas and teachers. I take the very best of all that I have learned over the years, and provide you with important tools that will help you evolve and grow. Introducing you to the 5 realms: emotions, energy, mind, body, spirit - we will embark on a journey that will change your life forever.
Juan Pablo Harahona - Energy Expert, Quantum Flow
Regan Hillyer - Multimillionaire Coach
Tony Robbins - Entrepreneur, Motivator, Coach
Dr. Michael Hall - Neurosemantica Founder
John Maxwell - International Motivator
Grant & Elena Cardone - Multimillionaire Entrepreneur
Dr. Joe Dispenza - Neuroscientist
Dr. Richard Bandler - Creator of Neuro-Linguistics
Papa Jaime - Nobel Price Awardee
Dr. Kalsang Kandro - United Nations Woman of the Year 2014, Personal Dr of Queens & Kings
Ed De Costa - Motivator
Here's what my clients have to say...
I‘d always questioned why was necessary for me to be alive. I’d question “why me” all the time and would constantly beat up my self every time something went wrong. I would spent high quantities of money for a 45 minute session with psychologists who’d only suggested what they thought was right; but, what about what their patient felt was right?
Eventually I stopped seeing psychologists and came across Yerlin. Not only did I learned the importance of self love through her help, but also how the human brain works and how it’s been programmed by our environment, nutrition, friends, and thoughts our whole life. Yerlin never told me what to do and what was right. Instead, she’d ask me questions every time. I learned that deep within me, I had the answers and the power to create my own reality. This changed my whole point of view in life. Her way of helping me was educating me and teaching me how our vehicle of life (the human body) has to be taken cared of.
of physically, mentally and emotionally. passion towards helping people is strong. Just as she impacted my life, I am sure she as impacted thousands across the world. Today, I no longer think “why me?” 

Instead, I am grateful everyday it’s happening to me. I don’t victimize my self anymore because life is NOT happening to me, it is RESPONDING to me.

There are not words to describe the level of coaching that Yerlin does. I hired her for 5 sessions and the benefits were there from day one. I also had the pleasure to attend one of her two day seminars and it was mind blowing. We did not want her to stop teaching us. Her sessions and her trainings are from the heart. Her passion is contagious and her commitment to serve is amazing. If I could give her more than 5 stars, I would.

Traveled to Denver for a two day training. Iʻm from Maui, that is a long way to go for only two days. It was absolutely worth it! Yerlin takes whatever time is needed to assist her students in understanding, she has even taken time to follow up with me after the training. 
The information is magnificent. A great balance of how the brain works and practical tools to implement, use that knowledge in ways that make a difference. We experienced it first hand!

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“Doing what you love 

is the cornerstone of having 

abundance in your life.”

 ~ Wayne Dyer.